Contact Free Car Wash Experience

Take Advantage of Our Contact-Free Car Washing at 50% Off

Being a contact-free automated car wash, we are open for business as of May 1, 2020!

We are open DAILY from 7 am to 7 pm. Observing the social distancing guidelines, we’ll be providing car wash services via UNLIMITED pass or via The Car Parlor app.

Register your vehicle. Get your RFID tag. Wash and go. If you’re a current monthly member, please use your “feedback” on The Car Parlor app to request conversion to Annual Pass.

Black AUV next in line to be washed

1. The Car Parlor App

Your contact-free car wash experience begins with your personal device by purchasing your wash and/or managing your monthly unlimited membership from The Car Parlor app.

Our easy to use app will speed up your car wash and help you get back to life!


2. Drive-Up Kiosks with Automatic RFID Reader & QR Scanner

The gate will open automatically as you drive-up in your vehicle by reading your unique RFID tag placed on your windshield. Unlimited members must retrieve their RFID tag from The Car Parlor team after enrolling in the Unlimited monthly or Annual membership.

3. Stay in the Comfort of Your Own Car

Our team will guide you into the tunnel and pressure wash the exterior of your vehicle to prepare your vehicle for the tunnel. The Car Parlor wash tunnel is 105-feet long. This means we can accommodate high-pressure wash systems that will never leave scratches, effectively warding off the dirt and debris, and properly rinsing off the soap.

4. Top-of-the-Line, Cutting-Edge Equipment

Our automated car wash has ultrasonic sensors that can gauge your car’s model and shape for a complete contact-free car wash experience. They let the brushes know exactly where and how to brush the car.

5. Zoom In Zoom Out! Did We Mention It’s Fun?

As you go through our tunnel, check out the bright, colorful lights, music and a scented odor generator. Our impressive Rainbow Cascade produces thick, creamy soap foam that will fully encompass your vehicle.

the car parlor car wash honolulu tunnel drive thru kapiolani full service by mckinley auto wash

Take Advantage of Our Contact-Free Car Washing at 50% Off