Clean Cars and a Clean Environment

Clean Cars and a Clean Environment



Your own car is one of the biggest purchases you can make. It’s one of the big things that most people dream of owning someday. Cars are not cheap and it’s natural to feel that something you’ve saved up and worked hard to get should always look pristine.

In order to keep your new vehicle shining and ready for the road, it needs to be looked after with regular car washes. This can be done through a commercial full car wash service or just the old way of doing it yourself in your own garage.

However, here’s something to bear in mind. Your car may be sparkling clean, but how much damage do you do to the environment every time you clean your car?

The harmful effects of washing to the environment

White car being washed in the automatic car washFor many, car washing is just another way to maintain the quality of their vehicles. Some might not think twice about washing their car, but this activity can actually pose threats to the environment.

Aside from the water consumption and its obvious effect on the water crisis, the water you use for your car goes into storm drains. The used dirty water eventually finds its way into rivers and lakes where it can harm aquatic life because of the harsh detergents mixed in with the water.

While one person washing their car will not drastically damage the environment, we have to think of the bigger picture. Collectively, our car washing activities contribute to the global problem of water pollution that directly affect marine life.

DIY car wash VS a full-service commercial one

Employee using a pressurised water hose to clean the car

The question now is which car washing way is better for the environment. Is cleaning your car in your own driveway better than taking it to a commercial car wash?

According to the Mid-America Regional Council, it takes 116 gallons of water to wash a car by yourself, while most car wash establishments use 60 percent less for the entire process.

Most car owners prefer to wash their own car as it is seen as cheaper than a full car wash service. However, car washes done at home, especially when done carelessly, considerably harm the environment. If you are dedicated to minimizing your environmental footprint, taking your vehicle for a full car wash service.

Choose an eco-friendly car wash service

The Car Parlor facade

If you want to do even better for the environment, make it a point to look for eco-friendly car wash services in your area.

Thanks to new technology, car washing has now been revolutionized. Eco-friendly car wash services are now available which can clean cars without using standard harmful chemicals and without generating huge water consumption.

The Car Parlor is an environmentally friendly and a technologically advanced car wash in Honolulu that aims to help the community towards a cleaner environment. We use high-end facilities and eco-friendly ingredients to keep your cars clean while reclaiming up to 80% of the water used. For a conscience as clean as your car, contact us at (808) 381-0006  or email us at

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